Business English Coaching

I know you—you have a big personality and great ideas that you want to bring to your business or work environment. With my personalized programs based on the Neurolanguage Coaching® method (registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling), you will acquire the English skills necessary to help you feel confident and empowered in your chosen profession.

Cup of Tea programs offer:​

  • Coaching of upper intermediate and advanced grammar 

  • Vocabulary development specific to your industry

  • Conversation practice 

  • Coaching of American slang and idiomatic expressions

  • Coaching of workplace culture 


All Cup of Tea programs are customized to match your specific goals. Here is an example of our 20-Hour Coaching Program:

20-Hour Intermediate or Advanced

Business English Coaching


You are a motivated learner who wants to accurately and effectively express your big personality and ideas in business. This plan includes:

● 30-minute Discovery Call to discuss your specific goals
● 20 hours of private English coaching of grammar and vocabulary specific to your goals
● Unlimited e-mail coaching (responses to your e-mail questions within 24 hours)*

*E-mail coaching is an opportunity for you to send me questions about English words and situations that you encounter, and I'll provide my answers and insights in an e-mail response. It does not include the proofreading and revising of documents.


Sessions take place in-person in Clear Lake (near Houston), or you may meet with me via Skype. Be sure to use coupon code SKYPE to save 10% off of Skype lessons.