Private Business English Coaching 


Cup of Tea offers private one-on-one business English coaching based on the ICF-accredited Neurolanguage Coaching® method (method and approach created by Rachel Marie Paling). This is a science-based learning method that focuses on finding your brain's optimal learning state, so you can gain the English skills necessary to feel confident in the workplace.

Business English for Industry Leaders 3-Month Speaking Program

This program is for you if...

  • You are you a successful business person who wants to feel 100% confident when speaking English.

  • You want to make an impact in your industry but worry that your language skills are holding you back.

This 3-month program will give you the training you need in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary to finally feel sure of yourself and your English so that you can showcase your expertise and leadership skills.

You will receive private coaching (one meeting per week) for 3 months that includes:

  • Training in the most challenging verb tenses in English in order to use them effectively in your field


  • Pronunciation training that allows you to become confident in your pronunciation of the most challenging English phonemes (sounds)


  • Development of industry-specific vocabulary in order to more effectively express your ideas and expertise

  • Regular support via Voxer or WhatsApp

All grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary activities will be customized to your specific needs.


The result?


A sense of inner confidence that leads to 100% outer confidence—a feeling that is truly priceless.

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1-on-1 COACHING:


Completely customized 3-month speaking program for business owners, managers, and decision makers. Topics include advanced grammar, vocabulary development specific to your industry, and pronunciation coaching.

3 Months


"I like her teaching style and I felt her passion for it. If I don't understand something about English in the class, she gently tries to teach from another way in order to find a way that I understand."

Tomoko Doi

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Because each person's skill level, career, goals, and timeline are different, every package Cup of Tea puts together is also different. Please contact Cup of Tea for your personalized plan and quote. You will get a response in one business day.