Top 5 Reasons Why Better English Makes You a Better Leader

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Improving your English skills is an incredible way to improve your ability to be an effective leader in your organization.

Here are my top 5 reasons why:

1. Clear concise messages lead to less miscommunication.

Keep it simple. The fewer the words, the less chance for misunderstanding. It might be hard to believe, but keeping it simple is harder than using many words. It requires that you understand the meaning and importance of each word.

2. Words are powerful. They can inspire or undermine. Which words are you choosing?

Like many languages, English can have a great deal of nuance. Think of the difference between the following:

  • Could you make a correction to the report?

  • Can you make a correction to the report?

  • Make a correction to the report.

How confident are you that you are choosing the best words for the situation at hand?

3. Using the wrong words or words with your employees or coworkers can have consequences.

We know that miscommunication happens between people with the same native language. So, it is bound to happen when more than one native language is at play. But as a leader, it's your responsibility to speak clearly and effectively no matter your first language because your team is depending on you.

4. Better English skills includes improving listening comprehension.

Powerful leaders listen deeply to their colleagues and employees so they understand their point of view.

5. Better English skills means you are better at reading "in between the lines.”

With better English skills, you can pick up on subtle clues such as intonation, sarcasm, and humor. This makes you a more prepared and aware leader.

What reasons can you add? How might improving your English improve your impact as a leader?

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