5 Compelling Reasons to Make Practicing English Writing a Priority

Updated: 3 days ago

This is a guest post by Nataly Havrysh, the woman behind www.make-a-stand.com and a freelance writer, editor, and writing tutor. She holds a Master's degree in English and has over 10+ years of experience in academic and content writing and editing. To learn more about her and her services, please visit www.make-a-stand.com.

Writing can be a difficult skill for English language learners and native speakers alike. International students and learners taking an English proficiency test cannot skip extensive writing skill practice. At the same time, learners of Business English often think they do not need writing and may even insist on limiting writing practice to the minimum.

But writing is vital to your development as a advanced English learner and here are 5 compelling reasons why:

1. Writing is one of the Core Language Skills

Reading, writing, listening and speaking are four cornerstones of learning a language. Although the skills are separated for the sake of practice, they are very much interconnected and support each other.

For example, writing down paraphrases of what you have heard or read has a dramatic impact on comprehension. Writing short scripts or prompts is another great tool to help learners not feel lost and confused when trying to speak up.

By omitting writing practice you actually progress slower, not faster.