10 Trendy Business English Expressions

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

10 Trendy Business English Expressions

Many of my clients and readers are active leaders in their industry or have their own businesses. With that in mind, there is a lot of "jargon" or expressions that business women and men encounter on a regular basis.

Some experts say to stay away from jargon as sometimes jargon is imprecise when trying to communicate in a business setting. But, alas, it's impossible to escape hearing some of these phrases. So, let's look at some trendy sayings.


The process of bringing on a new client or employee Example sentence: The onboarding process at this company is tedious.

Sweet spot

The price or point that is the most effective Example sentence: We have been trying out different price points, and this price seems to be the sweet spot for our target market.

To close the loop on something

To complete any outstanding tasks so that the project or process is complete Example sentence: Until we get the data back from Jack, we can't close the loop on this.

To move the needle

To increase or improve upon sales, performance, or any data point Example sentence: No matter how much marketing we do, we can't seem to move the needle on our sales this quarter.

To curate

To choose or discern the top choices from a group of many Example sentence: Instead of throwing a lot of content at our audience, we try to curate only the best advice.

To go down a rabbit hole

To start a process or project only to discover that it is more complicated than you thought - in other words, one task leads to another and then another...

Example sentence: Researching the topic on the internet led me down a rabbit hole of confusing and contradictory information.

A big take-away

Some lesson or idea that you acquire after participating in an activity

Example sentence: My big takeaway after meeting with my supervisor is that we are going to have to make some cuts in order to stay within budget this year.

To chunk something down

To take a big topic and break it down into smaller, easier-to-understand pieces

Example sentence: The presenter attempted to chunk down the information for the audience, but the topic was so dense that she unable to make it understandable.

To bring something to the table

To have a skill that would be of benefit to others

Example sentence: The new hire has a lot of finance experience that she can bring to the table.

Low-hanging fruit

An easy project or task to complete (in comparison to something more challenging)

Example sentence: The business decided to go after a low-hanging fruit by focusing on existing clients instead of spending marketing dollars on finding new customers.

Of course, this is just a tiny slice of business lingo. What phrases are popular in your business or industry? I'd sincerely love to hear! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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