10 Trendy Business English Expressions

Updated: Mar 9

10 Trendy Business English Expressions

Many of my clients and readers are active leaders in their industry or have their own businesses. With that in mind, there is a lot of "jargon" or expressions that business women and men encounter on a regular basis.

Some experts say to stay away from jargon as sometimes jargon is imprecise when trying to communicate in a business setting. But, alas, it's impossible to escape hearing some of these phrases. So, let's look at some trendy sayings.


The process of bringing on a new client or employee Example sentence: The onboarding process at this company is tedious.

Sweet spot

The price or point that is the most effective Example sentence: We have been trying out different price points, and this price seems to be the sweet spot for our target market.

To close the loop on something

To complete any outstanding tasks so that the project or process is complete Example sentence: Until we get the data back from Jack, we can't close the loop on this.

To move the needle

To increase or improve upon sales, performance, or any data point Example sentence: No matter how much marketing we do, we can't seem to move the needle on our sales this quarter.