The Secret to Transforming Nervous Energy When Giving a Presentation in English

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

public speaking english

How do you feel about giving presentations? If you are like most people, you dread it. And if you don’t like giving speeches in your native language, my guess is that you certainly don’t like giving them in English.

That’s completely normal. I remember when I was in college, and I had to give a simple presentation in German about going grocery shopping. I completely choked (couldn’t speak) and received a low grade on the assignment. This led to my getting a B in the class, which led to my losing a part of my academic scholarship. So, you can imagine the feelings I have around giving speeches in a foreign language!

Giving Presentations is an Important Skill

No matter how you feel about presentations, knowing how to effectively deliver information to groups is an important part of the language learning journey, especially if you are a business professional. You might not have to give a Ted Talk in English (or maybe you do or aspire to), but there will be times when you need to share information with others in a formal and structured way.

For example, maybe you need to present information to a client or update your boss on a new system or idea. Perhaps you are having a discussion with people in your group or department, and you need to offer your opinion. Or, maybe you need to introduce yourself at a Meetup event. Public speaking can come in many forms.

I’ll be honest; I still get quite nervous when speaking in front of others despite the fact that I have been involved in public speaking activities since high school. But I have learned that you can channel that nervous energy into something powerful. You can embody the best version of yourself and deliver a presentation or speech that is authentic and effective, and here's one easy trick.

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