Using a Timer to Study English

Updated: Jul 12


We are busy people. COVID slowed us down for a bit, but not for long, right?

I work with people who find it hard to find the time to dedicate to their English learning, yet they still want the results they get from studying and practicing. Here's a solution that has worked for me with my language learning, and it's used by many people...

It’s simple and effective.

Are you ready for it?

I sometimes use a timer to complete my language tasks.

First I choose a language task that I want to complete.

Some examples you might consider...

  • Read a few pages from a book written in English.

  • Complete exercises from a workbook that are specific to a skill that you want to master.

  • Journal in English about your day, your goals, or your frustrations.

  • Record yourself talking about a specific topic.

  • Listen to an English podcast.

  • Brainstorm or research vocabulary words based on a particular topic.