5 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

ESL Speaking

This is a guest blog post by Jackie Bolen of www.eslactivity.org

I taught English to Korean university students for almost 10 years. I’d do surveys at the beginning of my courses and ask students what they wanted to improve during the next few months with me. I’d list some examples like grammar, writing, speaking, listening ability, etc.

Without fail, almost all the students said their top priority was improving their English speaking! Is it the same for you?

Speaking is often the most difficult thing to improve because it happens in real time, with the exception of something like a presentation. Of course, it’s easy to think of the perfect thing to say after the conversation is done. But, on the spot? Our brains don’t work that quickly in another language sometimes!

If you want to improve your English speaking, here are five ideas for things you can do.

#1: Enjoy English!

Have you been stuck in a classroom for way too long, slogging through some serious grammar and vocabulary? Learning another language can be fun! Of course, some things are not fun; studying vocabulary lists, or figuring out a difficult grammar co