Do You Want to Speak More Naturally in English?

Updated: May 21

ESL Speaking

Speaking naturally and fluently in English is a goal of most of my clients. It doesn't happen overnight, but with a little commitment each day, it definitely can happen.

Here are 10 ways to make your speaking sound more natural:

1. Read. Read. Read.

Reading has been proven to increase language fluency, especially if you read out loud. Choose a book about a topic you love. Read more...

2. Talk to yourself out loud in English

When you're driving, doing the dishes, or when you have a free moment alone, talk to yourself. Describe to yourself what you are doing, what you need to do next, or anything to get your mouth physically moving! Talk often to build and reinforce those connections in the brain.

3. Find a language exchange partner online or in person.

Check out websites like or where you can teach English, practice English, teach your native language or another language that you know. There are all sorts of arrangements that you can make. The key is to have a chance to speak real-time in Eng