5 Ways to Find Your Way When You Get Lost in an English Conversation

Updated: Jul 30

Conversation Confusion

This week I want to talk about what to do when you are an advanced speaker but you are involved in a conversation that you do not fully understand.

Maybe it's over the phone.

Maybe it's in person.

Maybe it's an important conversation.

You're lost. And, in my experience, the words start floating by in a jumbled mess. If you're like me, my mind can’t seem to catch onto anything.

And, this can happen even if you are a competent English speaker.

Usually the conversation is about a topic that you know little about and you are unfamiliar with the vocabulary.

Or, maybe you were caught off guard, and someone introduced a new topic without any transition or warning. Whatever the cause, when you can’t understand a conversation and contribute, it can feel stressful.