Listen to the Whispers

I have a painting on my wall of a woman and next to her it is written...

“The whispers of our lives want us to take notice. They may just be whispers, small voices tucked deep inside the pockets of our hearts, but we must hold their possibilities close to our chests and allow them to step into the light.” - Kelly Rae Roberts

We’ve moved into fall, a season of change. Usually when you think of fall in these parts, you think of slightly cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and more darkness. But what I keep seeing around me in the lives of my clients and friends is an amazingly positive, flower-blooming kind of change. You would think it was spring!

My clients and I are listening to our inner voices—our intuition—that is telling us, “It’s time for a change.” Multiple people have shared with me their desires to shift gears and try something new: a new job, a new project, or a new way of living. We are craving something different, which corresponds perfectly with the changing of the seasons.

If you keep having thoughts about choosing a different path or trying something new, I encourage you to listen. It’s not a coincidence; I assure you. Maybe you have an idea about a new profession or have been thinking about applying for a job or building a business, there is no better time than now.

One of my favorite stories of a woman who tried something new is the fashion designer Vera Wang. It wasn’t until she was 40 years old that she decided to change her career and start designing her own line of bridal wear. She listened to the whispers that told her to try something new.

I have an acquaintance from high school who recently switched gears from marketing to nursing in her 40's and another who just came back from Base Camp on Mount Everest because the mountain had been calling her name for some time.

Maybe you are in the process of moving from academia to the private sector or have just begun to build an online business. Keep moving forward through this period of change. Your season of Spring will be here before you can blink!

I love to hear stories of those around me who listen to the whispers. What has been whispering to you lately?


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