Buenos Aires to Houston, TX: Lessons that Come from Starting Over in a New Country

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Houston Texas English learner

Meet Andrea. She is one of the most fun-loving and positive people I know. She sees life as an adventure, and you can read about her positive approach to challenges in my written interview with her below.

1. What brought you to Houston, TX?

We moved from Argentina to Houston because my husband was transferred here for his work more than one year ago. I know in the USA it is pretty common to move between different cities, but in my country it isn’t. This is our first time living in another place!

2. What was your biggest challenge (or challenges) in the beginning?

English was my biggest worry (because my level was intermediate but I didn’t feel comfortable enough to live in the USA). On the other hand, my biggest challenge was rebuilding my entire life. I had my job (my own coffee shop), my friends, and an extra big family, and here I had none of that.

3. How did you overcome that challenge?

I took as many hours of English classes as I could. I tried and I try to participate in every English conversation I can. I started to watch television with subtitles and read some books. I went to the Public Library and I took free classes for Word and PowerPoint although I knew them, just to learn more English.

Besides, I could rebuild my life here. I believe in Karma and I believe I did something good in my life because as soon as I moved to Houston I met new and amazing friends and that continues today. When you’re an expat, your friends are your family, and you need them a lot.

Also I have a couple of side hustles in order to make some income for myself. And I have enough time to do my biggest passion: dance…and the best part is the people I met dancing are wonderful people. And also I started to teach some dance classes every time I return to my country to visit.

Dance Class

4. When you think of your time in Houston, what are you most proud of?

It makes me feel proud be an independent person. Of course I think life is better when you share it, but when you do know you can do it anyway it is really good.

Sometimes it isn’t easy but you can always cry, feel angry, and best of all, you can laugh.

5. What advice would you give to someone from a non English-speaking country who is moving to Houston?

It’s an adventure!!! Take it that way. Life is really different here than my country of origin in a lot of aspects, including the people. If you came here expecting that things will keep going in the same way as before in your life, I think it’s a mistake. When you take this like an experience, an amazing experience, you can enjoy your new life. Changes in life are always an opportunity to learn.

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