Sometimes the Challenges of Being An Expat Aren't the Obvious Ones

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Expats ESL

I asked Anne, a highly motivated and insightful woman, if she would answer some questions about building her life here in the United States. She agreed, and her answers contain within them a great deal of authenticity and wisdom. I know you will enjoy reading about her journey.

What brought you to Houston, Texas?

My husband was assigned to his new business project in Houston in spring, 2016. When my husband and I knew the new assignment, the first thing we did was to think very hard if moving out of our home country, Japan and moving to the U.S.A. would be beneficial for our two children. Also, I was running my own business at that time and had to look for someone to take care of it. After a few months of consideration, we finally decided to relocate to Houston, TX with our children and started a new life in Summer, 2016.

What was your biggest challenge in the beginning?

Honestly, language was not the biggest challenge for me because I used to live in two English-speaking countries, Singapore and Canada when I was young. Although my English background has been influenced by British culture, I have loved and enjoyed learning the difference between American English and British English.