3 American English Words That We Use and One That We Don't

American English

I was talking with a client this week, and she said in frustration that what she learned in school in her home country about how to speak English isn't really how people speak at all in America. This is not the first time that I have heard this sentiment, and there is truth to her statement.

But before you get discouraged, know that most everything you learn in your English studies has value at some level. Even if your teacher only focused on how to write formal letters and how to appropriately address the president of a country, it is still useful information because it gives you a point of comparison.

I doubt that you had a teacher like this, but, just in case, I want to let you know of a few words and rules that Americans use that usually don't show up in the grammar books (or if they do, they don't get the appropriate emphasis).

In other words, this article is for my client who wants to know how people really talk in America.

3 Words That We Use A Lot, One That We Don't, and Why Do Americans Pronounce T's like D's Sometimes?

English words

1. Got

We use the word got a lot. It's super versatile, and there are many ways we use it. But I want to focus on a couple of common uses of the word:

to get = to arrive