How to Use Online News to Improve Your English

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Learn English with News

This is a guest post by Anna Kokkali. Anna is 26 years old and from Greece. She works as a digital marketer for KnowbleReader, an application designed to help English language learners improve by providing online news articles in English. She is currently living in Amsterdam.

I know that learning English from scratch is not easy, and there are going to be times that you will want to give up. However, keep pushing yourself to learn!

I was exactly where you are now a couple of years ago. My journey to learn English started two years before leaving abroad for my Master’s Degree. I knew that in order to be accepted and really live the whole foreign experience of a new country, I had to learn English. It would be my most powerful tool. However, I was really busy at the time, as I was working at the same time.

So, I looked for a solution to help me master English, and I found it online.

We live in the digital era, where technology is in most parts of our lives. It’s time to leverage those opportunities and make the most out of them. This is what I did. I knew myself, and I knew that being fully devoted to learning English wouldn’t be that easy. Reading English and learning new words in their real context is very useful as you get the real meaning of the word. It didn’t take me much time to realize that, and then I discovered KnowbleReader.

When I discovered KnowbleReader, it made my life really easier in the sense that I could combine learning English with daily tasks. I was reading the morning news and had the possibility to translate every unknown word. I could even take small tests in order to track my improvement. Of course, I combined it with English courses. However, the classes that I had undertook at the end were way less helpful than I thought they would be, as I was studying on my own free time with KnowbleReader.

Why should we read online news to learn English?