Taking Ownership of the Error Correction Process - How to be an Empowered ESL Student

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Learning English

I have a love/hate relationship with being corrected. This is true about most any correction - language corrections, parenting corrections, and communication corrections, to name a few (like when my husband shows me a text message that I sent him in which my explanation or message was totally unclear).

The perfectionist side of me loves knowing precisely what I did incorrectly, so I can strive towards perfection in the future (I know...I know…there is no such thing as perfection).

Yet, there is another side of me that gets frustrated when someone corrects a mistake I made. I might not show it, but my internal dialog can get a little mean.

On my worst days, I become silently frustrated at the person for correcting me, or mad at myself for not knowing the correct answer in the first place. Upon reflection, I’m mostly mad at myself for not knowing absolutely everything perfectly.

And, that’s pretty crazy.

But, I’ve learned from experience that if I feel this way, there is probably someone else out there who feels the same way. This article is for that person.

Why does error correction feel so personal sometimes?