What Type of ESL Learner are You?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

test taking

Has a teacher ever asked you how you like to learn best? In other words, what methods help you to learn a new skill or concept? And, when I say you, I mean you personally.

Maybe you've been asked this question before. However, my prediction is that if you come from a traditional classroom learning experience, then no teacher has ever posed this important question.

With Neurolanguage Coaching®* exploring the ways in which you learn best is an integral part of the process. This is because the goal of a language coach is to ensure that you are in an ideal learning state. In other words, you are relaxed and enjoying the process. To that end, when we find a learning style that works well for you, you will feel more calm and receptive to receiving information and making connections.

Let's explore some ways that you might learn new material well.

Some Learning Styles to Consider


Do you learn best with your eyes? Do you enjoy watching movies in English to learn new phrases or vocabulary? After you watch a video, do you notice that the material seems to "stick" because you have had a visual experience? You've watched the actors' faces, expressions, and body language, so you can "see" the language better.

Or, maybe you like to write down words so that you can see them. This is how I am. When I meet someone for the first time and hear his or her name, I have to mentally spell the name out in my mind in order to remember it. I call it my mental chalkboard (or whiteboard for those who aren't as old as me!).

Maybe you enjoy drawing pictures to make connections or to help you memorize new words or patterns. I have a client who draws a picture of an eye over a word with the long i sound to help her remember the sound.

Or, perhaps you enjoy seeing information conveyed in a graph or diagram. When learning the conditionals in English, one of my clients felt