3 Options for ESL Language Learning Fatigue

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Learning Fatigue

I’m losing my language learning focus. Last year I was fired-up about improving my German out of pride and improving my beginner-level Spanish for a trip to Costa Rica last May. I hired a German teacher and broke out my dog-eared Spanish books; I was pretty motivated.

The result? My German improved, and I was able to converse a tiny bit with some folks in Nosara, the town we visited in Costa Rica. It was very satisfying.

But that was last year. As an old boss of mine used to say, “I’ve slept since then.” In other words, things have changed.

My wonderful German teacher became pregnant and is taking a break from teaching, and although I absolutely love Spanish, I don’t have a serious reason for learning it. So, without clear goals I am suffering from serious low motivation.

I write about this stuff all of the time. But do I “practice what I preach?”

I hope I can because this language fatigue is no fun.

So, I dug out a workbook that I wrote last year about Finding Your Whyfinding that reason that motivates you to want to improve your English (or your Spanish, your German, or any skill).

The first question is this: