8 Favorite Valentine's Day Expressions for ESL Learners

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Valentine's Day words for ESL

I’m a sucker for Valentine’s day. In other words, I love it—even though I know it is a holiday created by businesses to get me to buy candy and cards!

In fact, I have such a love affair with Valentine’s Day, that I even chose pink and red as my wedding colors and roses as my flowers.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to share some of my favorite expressions that have to do with love. Now, I only like to teach idioms and expressions that I actually use in everyday life. So, if you want a complete list of love expressions, you could easily find more, but here are the ones I have used:

Tough love

Example sentence: When my son accidentally broke the neighbor’s window with the basketball, I showed him some tough love by making him pay for the repairs himself.

Can you tell from the context what it means? When you show tough love, you enforce a rule or make someone take responsibility for their actions, even though it might seem a little harsh at the time. It is done with the intention of helping the person to grow morally and ethically.

To break one’s heart

Example sentence: It breaks my heart to see homeless dogs on the street.

Imagine a heart split into two pieces. This would feel painful, right? So, if something breaks your heart, you feel emotional pain.