5 Ways to Achieve ESL Skill Mastery

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Master English

This blog post was updated to include 10 ways on January 12, 2021.

Learning a language is a lifetime commitment. I'm a native speaker, and I still run across new English words when I am reading books or research articles. Knowing that you will always be learning can feel a little discouraging, but you can still experience the feeling of completion and satisfaction that comes from mastering one specific ESL goal.

Here are 10 English skills you can master this month:

  1. Practice a 5-minute speech until you have mastered it.

  2. Tell a story from your childhood until you get every past tense verb form right.

  3. Memorize the past participles of the most often used irregular verbs.

  4. Memorize the spelling of the 10 most commonly misspelled words in English.

  5. Practice your "elevator pitch" until you can say it flawlessly.

  6. Listen to a podcast about a topic you enjoy. Listen to it until you can summarize it for someone else.

  7. Read a short story or article. Look up any new words you discover. Read it until you understand it well enough to write a summary.

  8. Choose a sound that is difficult for you to pronounce in English. Find 10 words that use that sound. Listen to how they are pronounced using a dictionary app and master the pronunciation of these 10 words.

  9. Write a story about a time when you felt a strong emotion. Describe what happened in detail. Revise the essay until you feel satisfied. You can also submit it to a website like Grammarly to check for grammar.

  10. Memorize a joke in English and commit to telling it to a friend.

What is one skill you can master in the next few weeks? You won’t regret the feeling of gratification that is sure to come.

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