Can You Really Learn a Language in 4 Hours?

English Writing

One of my favorite authors is Timothy Ferriss. He writes on many topics, but the central theme in his books is how to become a master at a skill in the least amount of time. Timothy interviews masters in every skill imaginable and tries to “dissect” what specifically makes that person so amazing at his or her given sport, business, or skill.

Then he tries it himself.

He has won a Tango World Championship, a Chinese Kickboxing Championship, and owns a highly successful business, all thanks to his research and his willingness to jump right into the action.

But what does this have to do with language?

In just 4 hours...

In his book, The 4-Hour Chef, he talks about how to master any skill in 4 hours, including languages!

Using a specific method that he developed himself, he has learned Japanese, German, Spanish, and several other languages in record time!