Volunteer Your Way to a Career You Love (and Build Your ESL Confidence)

ESL Volunteers

We often have an inkling about what would be a good career fit for ourselves. Think back on the types of games and activities you used to enjoy as a child. For me, I loved playing school by pretending I was a teacher and making worksheets. Despite some twists and turns in my career path, I returned to what I love: teaching. What did you like to do as a child? Would this type of work be enjoyable to you now? If you think it might be, then try an experiment. Find a volunteer organization in the area to which you can offer your time and practice your potential job. If you enjoyed going on long walks as a child or helping small animals, consider helping out at a nature reserve like Armand Bayou or an animal shelter like Bay Area Pet Adoptions. You'll know right away what you love about the work and what you don't. This self-knowledge will help you considerably when you want to start looking for meaningful work for which you are paid. For example, maybe you think you would love to teach English, so you volunteer to teach English to refugees. You learn that you prefer to teach children more than adults. In other words, volunteering is a great way to confirm if your inkling is correct. Not to mention, it is an outstanding way to practice your English and learn the vocabulary that is specific to your potential job field. There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities in the area. Here's a list of ideas in the Houston area. By volunteering you can simultaneously serve the community and gain helpful knowledge about the type of career that you would enjoy the most.

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