Mindset, Learning, and Mastery Program

5-Sessions via Zoom

A focused program for intermediate and advanced speakers who are ready to master one specific English skill. Program details below...

What's the one skill you have been avoiding?

We all have at least one in the language we are learning. 

It’s that one skill that you avoid learning because it stresses you out.

  • Maybe it’s a grammatical concept like when to use the present perfect. You hear co-workers use it with ease, but you are never 100% sure.

  • Maybe it’s how to write an email to an employee who is not meeting expectations. You are unsure of your tone and wording.

  • Maybe it’s how to ask questions in the correct form every time. Sometimes you nail it but sometimes you don’t.


Only you know the skill that you have been avoiding.

What if you could master that one skill by focusing on it completely with a coach that provides a brain-friendly environment for you to explore and learn the skill?

What if you gave yourself 5 hours during which you committed to mastering this one weak spot?

How would you feel?

Mountain climbed.


Hurdle jumped.


Goal completed.

I think that is how you would feel.

That is why I am now offering the

Mindset, Learning, & Mastery Program.


Mindset, Learning, and Mastery is for you if:

  • You are an intermediate or advanced English speaker who would like to hone one specific skill.

  • You are interested in learning more about your mindset and why you have been avoiding this skill.

  • You are committed to learning this one skill during live Zoom sessions with a coach and practicing this skill in and out of our time together.

  • You enjoy reaching a specific and measurable goal. 

The Program includes:

  • 1 session committed to uncovering your mindset behind learning this skill and removing any blocks that are keeping you from improving. During this session, we will determine a specific goal you would like to reach during our time together.

  • 3 sessions in which we will use brain-friendly coaching methods to build your knowledge about your desired skill.

  • 1 session in which you practice or explore the use of your new skill, so that you feel 100% confident that you have reached the goal you set for yourself.

Cost: $400 via PayPal

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Completely customized one-on-one coaching for business owners, managers, and decision makers. Topics include advanced grammar, vocabulary development specific to your industry, and effective communication.

10 hours:


"I like her teaching style and I felt her passion for it. If I don't understand something about English in the class, she gently tries to teach from another way in order to find a way that I understand."

Tomoko Doi

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